Sunday, July 23, 2017

New to Video on Demand: Trailer Park Double Wide Trilogy of Terror!

Hey y’all,

Just added one of my earliest no-budget shot on video flicks, Trailer Park Double Wide Trilogy of Terror to my Vimeo channel -

Shot between 1996 and 1999 or so, it’s six schlocky tales of terror (it’s a “double” trilogy)

  • Can a man be more in love with his television than his wife? What lengths will she go to to get some attention?
  • Are a woman's nightmares really coming true or is she slipping into insanity?
  • A b-movie reviewer helps out on the set of a no-budget production...and things go horribly wrong!
  • Was a young woman really experimented on by aliens or is it all in her mind?
  • A horror writer looks for inspiration for his latest novel...and finds more than he bargained for!
  • Is the man holding a couple captive truly mad...or are there really zombies at the door?

Followers of my stuff may recognize a few familiar faces!

Trailer Park Double Wide Trilogy of Terror from Joe Sherlock on Vimeo.

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