Monday, May 13, 2019

New Skullface Astronaut horror flick: DARK ZONE THIRTEEN! called me the “King of Indie Horror Anthologies,” and I guess since I’m in my third decade of making fun b-horror flicks and many of them are anthologies, I’ll take it!

 Especially since I've just finished another one! That’s right, another indie anthology chock full of blood, horror and hot chicks.

 I have had fun on the last several projects doing these pre-order campaigns where you can get a copy reserved but also get your name in the credits and other cool items, So we’re doing it again - join me as we explore shadowy horrors that lie within... DARK ZONE THIRTEEN! 

All levels include your name in the credits!
All levels include shipping within the USA. Please email me for international rates.
Pre-order deadline is May 16, 2019

 Details here: 

 DARK ZONE THIRTEEN reveals the tales from the infamous unpublished thirteenth issue of a lost pulp magazine. Some speculate it couldn't be released because it was cursed. Perhaps it was too dark? Regardless, we've found it and share the scary stories that for years have been unseen.

 Jackey Neyman Jones (Mystery Science Theater 3000 fave MANOS THE HANDS OF FATE, MANOS RETURNS, THINGS 5: STRANGE MONSTERS, BEYOND THE WALL OF FEAR) returns to the Skullface Astronaut universe for DARK ZONE THIRTEEN.

 What do we get? Evil doll. Serial Killer. Ghost. Magical book. Beings from beyond. Blood. More blood. Blood, babes and beasts. You know the drill. Pretty much the fun b-horror ingredients you've come to expect from me! Now let's see some pics!!!

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