Monday, April 04, 2005

Actor Reports Orange Jumpsuit Too Tight in Crotch

Spent Saturday and Sunday sitting at a vendor table at the "Just A Game Con" con at the local fairgrounds, sponsored by a local comic and game shop. It's not the ideal place for selling microcinema fare but I did sell a handful of items and had a swell time chatting with some old friends from the comic & game shop days.
Perhaps the best part was that I had long stretches of uninterrupted time away from any internet, TV or family distractions, which enabled me to work on the HOUSEBOUND 2 shooting schedule I've been trying to eek out for weeks! I really made a quantum leap on it so I'm psyched. John Bowker and I collaborated on the story, John wrote the script and is coming up to Oregon this summer to direct the 10-day shoot. I'll be camera/lights/sound guy as well as doing a lot of effects work and a tiny bit of acting as well.

Heard back from an actress who was game to be in my VIDEODRONE short, but alas, she is moving to LA in one month and I have enough commitments this month to keep me from getting the shoot together before she leaves. Bummer. I do have a back-up actress, though, so hopefully I can pull something together for May or June.

Laura Giglio e-mailed me to say she'd completed the pick-up shots I'd asked her to do for the ghost short she shot most of last fall. Watching for her tape in the mail.

Despite having previously told my friend Tom Shaffer that I was never going to get into the too-small orange jumpsuit that was my costume playing an astronaut stranded on a planet of dinosaurs again, I will be once again squeezing into that too-small orange jumpsuit for more scenes for his flick PREHISTORICUS this coming Saturday. More running around in the woods, ad-libbing and pretending to see dinasaurs just off-screen. It wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have to hike so far to get to the prime locations Tom finds. Well, that, and if the jump suit wasn't so small.

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