Friday, April 29, 2005

Not Much Goin' On

Have been out of town for about a week so not much has ben going on movie-wise. I did work some more on the TreeSpirit head last week. Added some red gels behind the eyes and started attaching a black collar at the bottom of the mask to hide the wearer's neck. Once it's all attached, I'll sponge paint parts of it with the same brown/black painting scheme as the head.

Here are a couple of pics from the PREHISTORICUS shoot I was in.

The one directly above was a cool forced perspective shot, which we ruined for this photo by walking up to the spaceship model. Still neat, in a b-movie cheeseball way though.

Tim Davis reports that he is now scheduled to shoot the opening to ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE on May 1. We'll see...

May be news soon of a DVD release of a movie I worked on a few years ago. Can't say anything quite yet.

Busy weekend with lots of housework, yardwork and family stuff going on. Poor outlook for movie progress...

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