Monday, December 19, 2005

Half and Half

Well, even after spending bits of my evenings for a few weeks clearing off a whole bunch of files in preparation for a system upgrade (which itself was necesitated by a new printer purchase), I couldn't get TAINTED BLOOD to output to tape without lots of "hiccups" as it played into the last 5 or 6 minutes of the 20 minute short. I think I just didn't have enough processing power to keep up with the file when outputting it.

So I duplicated the whole thing, then took the last 10 minutes off of the first file and the first 10 minutes off of the second file. The result was having 2 10-minute files (Tainted Blood part one; Tainted Blood part two) that I could output to tape just fine. Taking the front half off was problematic and at times I felt like I was re-doing all of the sound and music, but I finally got the video and audio timelines all back in synch. While I don't claim to be an expert and certainly have a pedetrian machine that not really set-up for video editing, at least I have it backed up so I can clear it off of my machine and move on to other projects.

We have a couple of the new iMac G5s at the office. Man those are sweeeeeeeeet. Now if I could just find $1200 in my couch cushions...

As expected all manner of holiday-related and family-related chores have cropped up so movement on anything movie-wise has been next to nil.

Here's to 2006!

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