Sunday, April 09, 2006

DP Logging Finished

FInished scene-logging all of the DEADLY PREMONITIONS footage I have shot so far tonight. Also went through and made note of scenes/segments I want to slo-mo. Plan to import those bits into iMovie, slo-no and export back to tape before bumping everything to the old editing system.

Got a voicemail from Robert J. Olin the other day - he's got some time and found an actress interested in playing a bit part for two remaining scenes for DEADLY PREMONITIONS. Not only that, he found a Chinese restaurant we can shoot at. I went over the scenes today and fine-tuned them a bit and e-mailed them to Robert. I plan to call him tomorrow and see when we can schedule the shoot.

Lots of family stuff over the weekend, so that's all the movie progress to report.

Bit by bit...

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