Monday, April 10, 2006

Paper Mache Madness

Here's a few screen caps from a few weeks ago of the paper mache work I did with my son on a skull-ish looking mummy head for the DR. PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES project.

I started with some cardboard strips, which I sized around my head and taped together with packing tape. I only had small water balloons on hand, so I blew up a bunch and stuffed them inside the form to give it some strength.

Note the straws which are forming the basis for the brow and the nose

Paper mache is fun!

And messy!

Here it is after the first few layers, which gave me a fairly solid base to start adding more elements on to.

Here's the next day - eye sockets, bridge of the nose, brow, etc. are taking shape. Just out of view is a seperate jaw piece that I'll eventually attach.

That's it for now. Eventually thiswill be painted and details with all kinds of lumpy junk to make it look rotten, then wrapped with a lot of "mummy wrappings."

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