Monday, May 22, 2006


Bought a firewire cable the other night with the correct connectors to hook my old iMac and my new iMac together to get the TAINTED BLOOD movie project off of the old computer and onto the new one. A few audio files were missing and moved when I opened the files into the new version of iMovie, but fixed part one and hope to fix part two this week sometime. Then hope it all outputs to tape without any hiccups.

I think the VCR that is a part of my 3/4" editing set-up is going south. Damn.

I managed to get a decent miniDV dub of ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE made and plan to start making some VHS copies for the cast soon.

Worked a bit with the four-track audio recorder this weekend. I had an old tape of a song that some friends and I recorded about 10 year ago (holy crap time flies!). It was just drums, guitar and keyboards, though and the keyboards were rather hard to hear (it was just recorded with the built-in microphone on an old tape recorder sitting in the center of the room). Now all these years later, I added a bass track (using my keyboard) plus doubled the hard-to-hear keyboard track and topped it of with a bright shiny new keyboard track. Snazzy.

Don't forget:

Hope to have some better progress reports on stuff later this week...

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