Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Your Strange Technology Frightens Me!

So I added some trailers to the ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE dub I made the other night, hooked two VCRs together and made a cast copy...or so I thought. When I checked the copy, I found that I'd just recorded an hour of TV snow! Aaarrgh. Will have to check all my connections, cables and settings and try again tonight.

Planning on getting another Dr. Squid sale flier mailed out this week. Last night I finished the design for an audio cassette sleeve for BEAUTY AND THE EYEBALL (you'll understand once I post the cover image) which will be a collection of songs I made for UNDERBELLY plus a bunch of unused tracks and experimental stuff.

Hope to post a few pics of the mummy costume progress in a day or two.

I think I'm going to try and write a screenplay in 14 days. There is a competition going on - details at http://www.14dayscreenplay.com - but I think rather than officially join, I'm just going to use it as a challenge to myself to get one of my many scripts to a first draft stage. I just counted and I literally have 15 ideas right now - some are only concepts, some are collections of notes and sketches, a few are scripts I've written anywhere from 10 to 30 pages on. The competition is June 3-17, so I guess I have a little over a week to decide what I'm going to tackle.

More news soon...

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