Friday, December 21, 2007

Evilmaker Double Feature DVD Now Available!!!

You can pick up this loaded double-feature DVD at for just $12.99! Here is the rundown:

• Audio commentaries for both films with the director (that's John) and cinematographer (that's me!)
• EVILMAKER blooper reel
• EVILMAKER behind-the-scenes
• 44-minute, extensive ABOMINATION featurette
• Trailers

THE EVILMAKER (2000, 99 mins.): First time available on DVD! Serena returns home after escaping an abusive relationship to spend time with three of her friends from high school. A weekend at the beach seems like an ideal way to relax and relive the old days until their car breaks down near an abandoned house. What starts out as a creepy night turns into three days of hell as they experience terror around every corner while they fight to survive The Evilmaker! I was the dp and co-editor on this one plus did some sound effects and a little music.

ABOMINATION: EVILMAKER II (2003, 79 mins.): A year after tragic events struck four close friends, the mystery of their disappearance still has not been solved. One family member dares to hurl herself into a web of darkness and evil in order to find out what really happened. The evil unleashed from her actions will have a terrifying consequence for everyone as they combat The Evilmaker! I was the dp on this one.

If anything, it's worth picking up to see the BAD DREAMS AND BLOODY SCREAMS, the behind-the-scenes featurette on the making of ABOMINATION. Mike Hegg documeted the entire shoot and managed to cut almost 24 hours of candid behind-the-scenes and interview footage into 44 minutes. You'll see the agony, the troubleshooting, the wee hours of the morning, the moviemaking addiction, the dedication, the tricks and the magic. Seriously - it's pretty damn cool.

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