Sunday, December 02, 2007

Moving Ahead....

Finished the "guts" effects on Morgan for DEADLY PREMONTIONS (a little frame-by-frame of her guts spilling out as the killer slices her open). Sweet. Also composed some cool music for the bellydance scene using GarageBand. Finished editing that segment and have started yet another one. Tonight I put together a sequence using original footage from 2005 plus parts of two versions of some pick-up shots done a few weeks ago, one with the actress having a wig on (that was too long) and one with her current shorter haircut. Believe it or not, with some quick cuts and extreme angles, it all cut together very well!

Just got the rewrite for the last two days of shooting on PLATOON OF THE DEAD. Gotta get storyboarding and planning as John will be here Thursday night to meet about it. So much to do!

Took a little time last Sunday to put together this music video for a crazy song I did with my son and his friends. Check it out!

I also put together this little animated opening sequence for the movie's newscaster, Link Masters:

Cast, location and time are just about set for the last "killer" sequence I need for DEADLY PREMONITIONS. Was going to shoot today but a storm and probable power outages made me cancel it. Hope to get it shot within the next two weeks and wrap this puppy up!

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