Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dr. Squid Egg!

Behold the Dr. Squid Easter Egg!

Mailed off footage I shot recently for WAVE Video's Sleepwalker Strangler, Luc Bernier's Cold As Soul and Falcon Video's Into The Woods projects. Also mailed off a copy of Housebound to the Mid Valley Video Fest folks for possible inclusion in their Friday Monster Madness Series (director John Bowker said his copies were buried under boxes somewhere and I had some copies within easy reach). Now back to my own stuff!

Death Nurse for Truly Dreadful Tales is done - just need to export to tape.

Worked on the bugman monster mask some more, adding mandible thingees and doing some more painting.

Worked a bit on a few scripts.

Many balls in the air...

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