Sunday, March 16, 2008

War of the Monsters birthday cake

This year my son wanted a birthday cake based on the War of the Monsters video game. In the game you play one of a dozen or so giant monsters who beat the snot out of each other while smashing the city around them. The game is a lot of fun. So here is the cake:

I started with a plain white cake, then added a couple of icing roads, pushed a couple of toy cars into it and then created some fires and a whole bunch of girders and debris with icing. The idea was to create a bunch of demolition for the monsters to tower over.

My son picked out the two monsters from the game that he wanted to have fighting. I penciled them out on paper and inked with a magic marker. Then I scanned the drawings so I could resize them and printed each out on card stock. I colored them with colored pencil. I put the rock monster guy on the wall and rubbed a black pencil over it to get some texture. Then I cut the monsters out, taped several wooden skewers to the back of each one and stuck 'em into the cake!


Shakadal said...

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Tim Shrum said...

That cake is wicked cool! I might try to do something similar for Polonia Day.

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