Thursday, March 13, 2008

Toni Draggon: Trooper

Have been busy with family stuff for a bit and then down with the flu for several days.

Shot scenes with Toni Draggon last Sunday for three different projects: one of mine and two by other filmmakers. Shot at the wonderful Atomic Bonfire Art Studio and everyone had a swell time. Toni not only endured multiple costume changes and having to convey a wide range of emotions in short order, but having her hands tied with rope and even a bathtub death scene! She's a trooper!

Death Nurse segment of TRULY DREADFUL TALES is pretty much done. Just need to check some sound issues and master to tape. Put together this title card for it.

1 comment:

Tim Shrum said...

That title card is way groovy! It would look cool on a t-shirt.

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