Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bob's Exterminator Service

Here is a sign I made to go on the door of a truck for an insert shot in EATER. I've just finished a very rough cut of EATER, in anticipation of some out-of-state friends coming to visit this weekend - their kids are in it with my son and I thought it would be fun to watch while they are down. It's clocking in at about 30 minutes and is a fun, goofy watch. I created three laserblast effects last night by pulling frames out of iMovie into Photoshop, drawing the lasers on, importing the frames back into iMovie and dropping them into the timeline. Next up is a bunch of insert shots plus music. That's all I can hope for by this weekend. After that I can take my time doing credits, fixing up some shots and other fine-tuning.

Meanwhile, I've done a little bit of work on the Welcome Sister segment of TWISTED FATES and will return to wrapping that up in June.

Coming up soon is PLATOON OF THE DEAD premiere on May 29 and the Crypticon convention in Seattle.

As usual, my summer is already pretty packed between work, family and movie stuff!!!

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Vic said...

How you are able to juggle all these projects and remain sane is beyond me. Your summer will be busy, but a lot of fun too, I bet.

Sorry I can't make it over to Seattle for the Platoon of the Dead premiere, but I look forward to the upcoming BLOG write-up.

Oh, I have a tip for your fans. If they dig your brand of horror/sci-fi/comedy, then they might enjoy the Zombie Astronaut's BLOG & PODCAST called "The Frequency of Fear" It's chock full of great old time radio horror & sci-fi stuff plus he produces original audio horror-comedy as a wrap around! The LINK is-
and check out my new BLOG while you're at it-
It has lots of cool audio entertainment MP3 files.

Stay GHOUL this Summer!


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