Monday, May 04, 2009

Platoon of the Dead Production Diary - December 8

Tenth Day of Shooting - John, Rob, Chris, Amanda and Tyler met over at my house in the morning. Lewis had a bunch of guys from his National Guard unit scheduled to show up to play zombies, but once again, he was the only one that showed up!

A few phone calls and trips later, we had one of Chris' friends, Joe and Marie, Lewis' son and two of his friends on board. Luckily Lewis had a bunch of fatigues and gear, so everyone was outfitted and made-up as the zombie army!

'Tis the season for zombie joy.

Three hours behind schedule, we headed out to a place called Bald Hill Park and marched all of our stuff in.

There is an open barn at the top of the hill that we used as our base. The fact that it had no walls didn't help much with the freezing wind!

Though it was windy and freezing, we managed to get what we needed shot and finally wrapped it up as it started getting dark. One more day left...

Joe and Marie enjoyed a moment of zombie love in the parking lot.

Joe went shopping at Safeway in his zombie make-up. He was looking in the meat section for brains.

Sadly they didn't have any.


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