Friday, May 01, 2009

Platoon of the Dead Production Diary - November 3

Eighth Day of Shooting - We met up at my house (and Tyler took a snooze on my couch while we waiting for everyone) and then bundled up and headed out to Macdonald Forest for a bunch of outdoor shooting.

Johnathan Jacoby joined us and came with his own set of fatigues! Rob set up a gag with a tree branch sticking though the middle of Johnathan and when he started screaming for the scene I would've thought that branch really WAS stuck through the middle of him!

Next up we shot a bunch of scenes with Tyler and Tom in the woods and then Chris met up with us for some more woods scenes. We were scheduled to shoot until dusk but since we had no zombie extras show up, we had shot everything we could by the mid-afternoon.

We headed back over to the Corvallis house to pick-up some scenes with Chris and Ariauna that we ran out of time for on the first weekend.

Then I headed home to get some rest and warm up!

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