Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Almost Done

OK, long story short, the remaining last two scenes that Tom needed to shoot for BLOODY RED LIPS OF BLOOD was postponed for the zillionth time last Friday when Tom called to tell me that one of his actors was in the hospital with a heart attack. I am coming up on deadline and after waiting since April I couldn't wait any longer!!! I had to take over to get this thing done. I managed to find someone who could jump in and play the role with no notice - Floyd! - and I was on the road to make the 90 minute drive to pick him up and bring him to town.

As it turns out the guy playing the other detective (whom I'd already shot scenes with the last time I took over for Tom's half of the shoot) was unreachable all day! So I rewrote the two characters into one and we shot the two remaining scenes and reshot the one I'd already done before. After a quick dinner of hot dogs, I drove Floyd back up to Salem, then drove back home. What a crazy whirlwind, but the bottom line was that all of Tom's scenes were DONE!

I worked the rest of the weekend uploading footage, editing and doing sound effects and music, some stuff I'd done previously as well as a few new bits including a funky theme song.

I made the logo below for some stuff seen on a TV screen in the movie. It is an homage to KPTV Channel 12 out of Portland, Oregon - I saw so much great stuff on good ol' channel 12 - Silent Running, Dark Star, Green Slime, The Alien Factor, Planet of the Apes, Phase IV, Fantastic Voyage. Good times.

Just finished burning a test DVD so I can check the sound levels and such on TV. One tiny shot left to get in the next couple of days. Once that is dropped in, the thing is FINISHED!

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