Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mike, The Casual Coroner

Shot another one of the few remaining segments for BLOODY RED LIPS OF BLOOD last night. My buddy Rob Merickel came over, put on a pair of my old glasses, a funky shirt and lab coat and handled a tape recorder, sandwich, phone and beef heart for the coroner's office scene.

Got the tapes of footage from Tonjia Atomic, but unfortunately they were shot on a Digital8 camera and I can't play the tapes on my Hi8 camera. Bravo to the internet as once I posted a plea on facebook for someone to help, I got several responses, so should be able to rectify the situation before too long.

Tom Shaffer dropped off a tape of the latest scene that he was able to shoot. Two more left for him and he'll be done.

I also put in a bunch of time working on audio for the "Dark Bite" segment of BENEATH A DEAD MOON. Finished doing work in iMovie then shared the file to GarageBand where I've been playing with audio levels and adding all manner of sound effects. I've been re-doing most of them, but was able to re-use the werewolf sounds from the first time I did the audio work. Much more to do, but feel good that things are moving ahead with it.

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