Thursday, August 16, 2012

Beneath A Blood Creek Tonjia Lips of Blood!!!

Postponed an editing session for BLOOD CREEK WOODSMAN due to work scheduling issues, but hope to get back at it towards the end of the month.

Finished shooting a freelance video project and am just about done editing - hope to deliver by this weekend. Made some good contacts, too.

Was able to borrow a digital8 camera (THANKS, WARREN!) and get Tonjia Atomic's footage for BLOOD RED LIPS OF BLOOD into the computer. Her scene is going to be a nice throwback exploitation movie snippet in this crazy cheese ball movie. Tom hopes to finish shooting his remaining two scenes this Saturday so keeping my fingers crossed for that.
Above: Tonjia goofing around in a behind-the-scenes shot

Have been going through my comic book collection to pick out some things to try and sell to raise a little cash for the next DVD-r duplication run.

Finished the sound work for the "Dark Bite" segment of BENEATH A DEAD MOON and have started on the music!

 Friends from out of town coming this weekend, so probably no movie work for a bit.


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