Thursday, May 05, 2005

Cyber Silence

I duct-taped a couple of fake vines I'd bought at the Dollar Tree to the back of the TreeSpirit head so they'll come around the sides of the head and down the shoulders. Painted over the tape and dabbed a bunch of paint on the black fabric neck to help it blend in a bit with the head. I'd previously planned to make some big hands out of actual tree branches and glue. Seriously thinking of just buying some rubber monster hands and letting Tom get started on his preproduction (I didn't want him to start until the monster outfit was done).

Worked a tiny bit on the DEADLY PREMONITIONS script last night on the laptop while my son was settling down to sleep. Switched a birthday dinner opening to a birthday breakfast-in-bed opening to allow the movie to take place over just a few days. Plus it starts the lead actress off in lingerie or some such nightwear. Clever, no?

Last I heard from Tim Davis, he'd rescheduled his shoot for the ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE opening sequence for May 1. I've e-mailed him twice this week to get a status report and have been met with cyber silence. Not good.

1 comment:

Tim S. said...

Do you have any more pics of the Treespirit. I want to see how it's turning out.

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