Monday, May 16, 2005


Getting over the stomach flu; trying to catch up at work and home.

TreeSpirit head is done. Decided I will buy rubber monster hands instead of making ones out of tree branches as originally planned.

Added a scene to DEADY PREMONITIONS script to further bridge some scenes as well as add some creepiness: girl goes jogging, stalked by unseen person (several POV shots), gets freaked, runs back to car, turns out it's just another jogger who picked up the watch the girl had dropped. Yeah, so it's a fake-out, but it does what it needs to mechanically for the script.

Tim Davis' last shoot for the ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE opening was again postponed. I told him to just forget about it. I need to get that project done and off my plate. Expect more details soon.

Still need to do that DVD artwork so I can get those TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY DVD-Rs ordered...

Ordered and watched this bizarro DVD over the weekend: THE NAKED COSMOS - it grows on a fungus!!! I mean that in the best way possible. How cosmic that I was recently in Las Vegas and it turns out that this video was made there. I knew of creator Gilbert Hernandez from his work on LOVE and ROCKETS and BIRDLAND comics.

More soon...

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