Thursday, June 09, 2005

Don't Answer the Phone

I'm very excited about DEADLY PREMONITIONS - I had a basic plot outline written up as well as about 30 pages of the script, but knew that a) I needed to figure out the mechanics of some of the last several sequences as well as b) fill in some plot holes. One of those was exactly how the killer knew who to kill (the victims are all people the main character had recently called). Today over lunch, I came up with this: show an "employee of the month award" from the phone company at the killer's home and hopefully the audience will just accept that they somehow were able to access phone records. Also managed to weave the detective character in and out of the existing main story and the "filler killer" scenes.

On the DR. PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES front, I dropped off the TreeSpirit script, a contract and a check to cover some production costs at Tom's house last night. Later he came by and picked up the creature head I'd made. Now that's off my plate and onto his. Next up - finishing the pool monster outfit for Kimberly Lynn Cole's segment.

So many balls in the air...what else is new?

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