Saturday, August 27, 2005

Meatballs and Twikki

On vacation in Seattle. Have spent a little time watching a VHS dub of the DEADLY PREMONITIONS footage from a couple of weeks back, making a scene log and notes. Lots of great stuff.

Watched THE ALIEN FACTOR with the kids the other morning. Love that movie.

Tried the new FRAWG slurpee - mild green apple taste. Good stuff.

Went to IKEA last night and enjoyed 20 sweedish meatballs with all of the fixings plus a peach soda that was quite awesome.

Went to the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame today. I could've spent hours there if not for the kids. Awesome, awesome place full of great props, models and all kinds of stuff. Including the Twikki suit from Buck Rogers!

On the way home, we stopped to get sodas for the kids. I picked up some Peach NeHi and Mixie Original Elixer, which I have yet to try. Also got some Birch Beer, which tastes kind of like those peppermint losenges that taste kind of like Pepto Bismol. A bit too medicinal for me.

More later...


Alexandra said...

That's a place I have always wanted to visit! I envy you Joe! You got to see the Twikki suit!

Dr. Squid said...

I vow to go back one day, without any kids pulling me along, so I can spend a couple of hours there geeking out.

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