Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Things Are Looking Up

Was in the midst of reworking the DEADLY PREMONITIONS shooting schedule due to an actor not being available Sunday when I heard from one of the actresses - she had a big commitment for most of Saturday afternoon! That's when I had scheduled most of her scenes! Not a huge deal, I just had to flip-flop the stuff without her and the stuff with her, all still on Saturday.

The better news was that it turns out the actor who can't make it Sunday has Monday off from work. So now I don't have to cram his stuff with Ton into Friday night and what's more, I can shoot a bunch of additional things on Monday with him. Cool.

Could things get any better? Yes! I had lunch at a place in town for the first time today (the place has been there for years, I just never got around to eating there) and they had a tuna melt on the menu. Still mourning over the loss of the Elmer's tuna melt (see earlier post), I decided to try it. And it was GOOD! And the potato salad was excellent as well. Worked a bit on storyboards and prop sketches and enjoyed a good meal.

Fingers crossed that good things continue...

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