Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mr. Fantastic

I wish I could post a detailed production diary complete with kick-ass photos of the incredible DEADLY PREMONITIONS shoot I had over the last jam-packed 3 days, but there is just not enough time. I'm back to work after a few days off and have projects piled up to my eyeballs, plus my 20th high school class reunion is this weekend complete with out-of-town friends flying in and our house hosting a visiting family of five. Between cleaning up the wreckage of shooting in my house and preparing for the weekend guests and visitors, I'll barely have time to breathe!

However, let me say this: Tough Tom Stedham is one fantastic guy - a terrific actor who knew his lines, took direction well, knows more movie quotes than I do, is a laugh riot, doesn't mind moving a light stand or two and takes fantastic pictures (I'll be getting a CD of the hundred or so he took during the shoot in a week or so). Note to any moviemakers out there: work with this guy.

Everyone else was just awesome! Amira not only pulled off playing everything from coy & sexy to scared out of her mind to mad as hell, but looks pretty damned good in skimpy lingerie to boot. Barb creeped the hell out of us with her disturbing portrayal of the disturbed psycho lady and might I say she puts the 'BUST' in bustier. For his portrayal of Detective Newman, Robert J. Olin came complete woith gun, holster, handcuffs, badge and even a handcuffs tie clip! And Rob Merickel gave the greatest maniac killer face I have ever seen - and I mean it.

So many stories to tell! They'll have to wait, but the good news is next time I'll post pictures.

Stay tuned...

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