Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Platoon of the Dead Production Diary - August 28, 2007

Hung out with Rob Merickel Friday night and he told me all about his involvement with a stage version of Night of the Living Dead in early October. John has been trying to keep Platoon of the Dead top secret, so as soon as I got home I dropped John a note that he should really contact Rob right away. For one thing, maybe Rob could get some zombie prosthetics together for the movie when he was making ones for the play. John e-mailed Rob and Rob said that he is going to be busy with the play and then off to Disneyland so will be worn out and out of vacation when he returns. It might work to squish all the zombie scenes into one weekend, plus a pick-up day after the main shooting, but Rob said he needs more time to think about it.

Marie e-mailed photos of her house to John and I and John was initially scared off by the wild art inside the house. He called me and we chatted about it. I said that if John doesn't want to shoot there I'm totally fine with it - after all, it's his movie. However, I didn't know of any other place we could take over for so many days in a row, so it would fall to him to find a better location. I said that perhaps the fact that the house had so much character would work in the movie's favor and be better than a bunch of plain white walls. John said he felt better about using the place. He is going to drive over this Thursday and the plan is to go and check out the house in person late in the evening as my son has TaeKwonDo testing earlier in the evening.

I drew up four rough concepts for the Platoon of the Dead logo today and e-mailed them to John. His plan is to put up a MySpace page for the movie and use that for casting and communication.

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