Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Platoon of the Dead Production Diary - October 31

Fifth Day of Shooting - Since it's Halloween, John set up today as a half-day shoot so Rob and I can take our kids trick-or-treating.

We met at my house and since Rob was working, I made up Lilith as the zombie bride - cool that she could bring her own bridal gown for us to get all bloody.

Here John gets a bunch of karo syrup blood poured on him after we cut his shirt open and stuffed some foam latex guts into the hole. We shot the scene in my back yard with the enormous fallen tree limbs making a nice background of foliage.

Tyler got to skip the fatigues today.

After that, we drove up to Avery Park to shoot a bunch of chase scenes. With no extras, Tyler has to play the zombie soldier this time. There was a lot of running and jumping and then more running! The last bit was a ground fight between Tom and the zombie soldier on the leaf-covered forest floor.

After the shoot, we enjoyed some mid-afternoon Taco Bell after all that running around in the woods. Then we split up for the evening. As I recall, John said that he, Tom and Ariauna just stayed up all night talking.

Here is my son's cool bug-eyed brain alien Halloween costume! That's an old sci-fi gun prop I made out of cardboard and foamcore for my MONSTER IN THE GARAGE movie back in about 1997.

It wasn't until later than I discovered that at the park shoot that afternoon, I'd lost my Philadelphia Eagles knit cap that I'd had since I was growing up in New Jersey.

It was never to be found.


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