Monday, April 06, 2009

Scenes from Evil Rising Weekend Three

We go now live to Chuck Gomez at the scene!

Special effects in Joe's garage: Rob is controlling a fog machine located in the bottom center of the picture. It is shooting fog into a hole in the side of a styrofoam container, which has a string of red LED lights bunched up in it. On top of that are two boards with crumpled paper bags taped on to them, spray painted black and covered with topsoil. The cinderblocks are holding up the parts of the boards that hang out past the styrofoam container. The camera is aimed at the scene, zoomed in on where the two boards meet. John and I shook the boards and pulled them apart to simulate an earthquake, revealing red light and rising steam. Sweet!

Back art

Maren sat through over 5 hours of make-up, then got covered in sticky blood and tied to a bed for about 5 more. Plus she had to pose for this photo with me - what a trooper!

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