Monday, October 12, 2009

Blood Creek Woodsman - August Shoot Pix

Here are a bunch of pictures from the August 2009 shoot for BLOOD CREEK WOODSMAN!

Rob Merickel and Bryn Kristi.

Madeline Morgan.

Madeline screams, reflected in blood splatter!

Thanks to Mike and Ward, we had this great police car to use!

Mike Hegg's rig done up as the sheriff's vehicle. Vinyl lettering, a color xerox sheriff's star and a real police car light bar made this look great!

We put this sign on the two police rigs when we were driving them to a location or around town.

Morgan Mayhem ready for some fake blood!

Bryn Kristi and Tom Stedham.

Tom Stedham argues with Jeremiah Benjamin while Michelle Ame Mahoney looks on.

Talking over the next shots with Adam Paris.

Michelle Ame Mahoney and Bryn Kristi beat the snot out of each other!

Tom Stedham takes aim.

Pigging out at The Markum Inn - me with John Bowker, Tom Stedham and Bryn Kristi.

Tom Stedham and Bryn Kristi share a quiet moment.

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