Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blood Creek Woodsman - October Shoot Pix

Still shooting on BLOOD CREEK WOODSMAN. Shot on some private property in Dallas, Oregon for the movie's opening logging scene. The forecast was for afternoon showers, but it only sprinkled a few times! I also was very happy to have several old friends show up to act as cast and crew. Not only were they very helpful but they couldn't wait for their death scenes! True horror fans, all of them. As the day went on, we got more and more involved in squirting blood all over everyone and didn't really get any pictures, but here is what we did get.

Adam is mad...and Brent has no idea what's coming...

Bob as Jason the foreman

Craig waits with tubing up his pants while Rob prepares for rain...both water from the sky and blood from a pump!

Bob runs the blood-filled super soaker while Adam tries not to saw anything off and I try to get it all on tape!

Craig is impressed with Rob's chainsaw blade effect.


All smiles! Adam, me and Craig after a particular bloody death scene!

Rick in mid-splatter!

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Brian Singer said...

Sorry I didn't get everything you wanted, but maybe next time ONE of the two guys who bring cameras will remember to bring some charged batteries!!!

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