Monday, October 12, 2009

Blood Creek Woodsman - September Shoot Pix

Here are a bunch of pictures from the September 2009 shoot for BLOOD CREEK WOODSMAN!

Happy campers Darla Doom and Francis Growth.

One flashlight and two headlights.

Branch through the head rig I made for Darla Doom!

Pair of fake legs I made. I should've taken a picture before I covered it all with foam and t-shirts - it's closet rods and hinges underneath.

Shooting upstairs with Mike on sound and Daren waiting for his close-up!

Shooting the "party house" scene. They are playing a game I made up called Sweet Corn!

Jaime screams for the first time in a movie...and she was great!

Annie performed a fantastic death scene!

Annie and Rob bask in the blood!

Hot chicks...kissing! Nice.

William meets the Blood Creek Woodsman.

Annie and Daren get close for a scene.

Sex and violence.

William splattered against the side of the RV.

Amanda screaming bloody murder!

Another great and bloody death scene in the can!


Jay Amabile said...

when do I get to see this? it looks awesome!

Dr. Squid said...

Hopefully sometime next year. He movie's writer John Bowker will be editing it and he's finishing up editing a movie we shot together earlier this year. Hope it'll rock!

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