Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blood Creek Woodsman - The Editing Begins!

So excited that the editing on BLOOD CREEK WOODSMAN has begun. I spent last weekend sitting next to Mike Hegg as we slogged through take after take, angle after angle and managed to get the first 6 or so minutes together.

Even in that short bit, there is amazing stuff. And Mike and I do seem to be of one mind with a lot of this stuff, so that's even better. Many more trips up to his place in my near future but I am so psyched about this phase beginning!

Meanwhile, I have a shoot tomorrow night for the vampire chicks project I've been working on, and just lined up someone yesterday to shoot a small part for the project as well. Details later...

Worked on a script for a new short.

Many irons in the fire...as usual...

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