Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bob's Burgers!

When I was in high school and college I loved Bob's Burgers. They were cheap and had awesome sauce! Sadly, all the Bob's locations have been closed for a long time now, BUT the family still makes the sauce and sells it in a few places in Eugene. My buddy Dale picked up a couple of bottles for me recently and we planned to recreate the good ol' Bob's cheeseburger.

I had done this last summer, but made the burgers way too thick and used real cheese. They were good, but not like those good ol' cheap fast food Bob's cheeseburgers.

This time, I had an inside track, though. Lisa, a girl that I went out with in high school, had worked at Bob's when I was in college and she had recently friended me on Facebook. I knew I had to make the burgers thinner and planned to cook them on a big griddle to get close to that fast food grilltop method. I asked her what else I should do. She told me to not only make really thin patties, but to freeze them! Of course! Then, cook them and flip only once, salting after the flip.

I needed to use that plastic-y cheese like Kraft Singles, which I had planned on. She also said to butter the buns and toast them on the cooktop. Slather the bottom bun with sauce, stack the burger with melted cheese on top, then the top bun and I'd be done!

It was amazing how much my kitchen smelled like a fast food place once I slapped those frozen patties onto the griddle!

One interesting tidbit - Lisa said that they used to put the sauce on with a flattened out spoon, but that they had to replace it every once in a while as the sauce would eventually start to eat away at the spoon! Yikes! Well, the first ingredient is vinegar after all.


They were nearly perfect! Even though I tried, the patties were still a little too thick, so the meat to sauce to cheese ratio was off. But they were still DELICIOUS!!!

My next plan is to just go buy some McDonald's cheeseburgers, PLAIN, and then add the Bob's sauce.

I'll let ya know how that goes...

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Chuck Bradley said...

Wow! Great post. I've been fooling around with replicating Bob's sauce and communicating with some folks who were around when the sauce was made in the Bob's locations. Your mention of Vinegar,as an ingredient, is a revelation. Does Lisa happen to remember what Kind it was? (E.g. White Wine, Apple Cider, etc.)


Chuck (

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