Thursday, July 28, 2005

Tom is a GO!

Had a great chat on the phone last night with Tom Stedham. Tom is coming out next weekend for several days of shooting for DEADLY PREMONITIONS playing the female lead's boyfriend, Eric.

As mentioned the other day, Amira is on board for DEADLY PREMONITIONS, playing the lead role of Carrie.

Robert J. Olin is cast as Detective Newman in DEADLY PREMONITIONS

Tom Shaffer plays the role of Josh in DEADLY PREMONTIONS

I'm very close to having a shooting schedule worked out - I have scenes all grouped by location and day - now just have to work out how long each set-up & scene will take.

Made some good progress on the pool monster head for DR. PUDDING'S MONSTER FILES last night. Took a few pictures of it on my son's head - will post soon. The cut-up-milk jugs & duct tape "skull" is almost complete. Next up: using spray foam insulation to build on top of that, then a combination of green plastic tarp material and spray paint for the skin. Oh, and translucent plastic easter eggs for eyes. Scaaaaaary!!!!!

And wouldn't you know it: as soon as I posted yesterday about a zero response rate for my little postcard mailing for TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY OF TERROR, I stop by the PO Box and there are three responses. While I should be putting that money directly to the VISA card to pay of the DVD-R duplication costs, I'm feeling like I need to save it for the upcoming DEADLY PREMONTIONS shoot. It will at least buy the cast a lunch and maybe a few extra sodas!

I'm trying not to think this is a bad sign or anything, but I went to Elmer's for lunch today to work on the shooting schedule for DEADLY PREMONITIONS. An odd tradition I began back on John Bowker's HOUSEBOUND that includes getting a tuna melt on sourdough. Elmer's has the best tuna melt in the universe. Well,..they HAD the best tuna melts in the universe. It's gone! Off the menu! I asked the waitress about it and she rubbed it in by saying, "We don't have any tuna in the house." Aaauugh! I'm writing a letter!

As an aside, while I was eating my chicken strips & mashed potatoes (a POOR substitute for that glorious tuna melt), a guy came up to me, held out his hand and said, "Great job, great product, and keep on doing what you're doing: we love it." It was then that I realized he'd seen the Jones Soda Co. shirt I was wearing and assumed I worked for the Seattle-based drinkmaker. While I had to admit that I didn't work for the company I informed the man I was a fan of the beverages as well. Truth be told, my wife picked up the super-cool shirt at a garage sale in Seattle!

Busy busy busy...

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Tim said...

Yes post some pics. I have been wanting to know how the Pool Monster is turning out. Keep up the great work.

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