Tuesday, July 12, 2005

TPDWTOT Party Pics!

The cast premiere party for TRAILER PARK DOUBLE WIDE TRILOGY OF TERROR was a great success! 12 or 13 people showed up, several driving in from an hour away and a couple coming in from four hours away! Crazy! But way cool as there were more cast members there than I expected. We checked out a Star Trek fanfilm short someone had done and then watched the trailer for ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE. Holy moley people really seemed to dig it and seemed really anxious to know when it woul dbe out (the answer - I don't know, as I haven't exactly decided yet!). Every one seemed to enjoy TRAILER PARK, laughing at the right times and getting scared/grossed out at the right times. We ate, drank and were merry. Here are a few pics:

Joe, Joe and Dee mug for the camera

Barb, Dee, Joe and Natalie check out the photo album

Robert and Natalie drove over an hour to come to the party!

Finally got some postcard stamps today so I can mail out the TRAILER PARK postcards to past video buyers.

Dropped the opening and ending credits into ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE. Remembered that I need a couple of pick-up shots of a city park sign as well as a few sound effects and some music to drop in.

Waiting to hear back from a potential actor for DEADLY PREMONITIONS and realized he is right in the path of Hurricane Dennis in Alabama! If that's why he hasn't gotten back to me, I hope he's OK and he's got a pretty good reason for the delay! Over the weekend I gave DP scripts to an actor and actress I've worked with in the past. The actor is on board pending scheduling. Waiting to hear if the actress is game for the female lead.

I was asked a few weeks back by a producer in NYC if I would contribute a vampire-themed short to an upcoming anthology. I'm currently juggling all sorts of projects, so what do I say? Yes! Doh! So in short order, my buddy John Bowker pulls out an old script and whips it into shape for me and I've been trying to cast it over the last couple of weeks. The producer wants, how shall I put this, some skin in the segment (nothing x-rated, but we all know that one of the three "B's" in b-movie is "boobs"). With many of the people I've worked with in the past having moved away or decided they're not doing movies anymore, this has actually made casting rather difficult. My friend Jon has been helping out by putting me in contact with some people he knows, but so far nothing has panned out. The produccer really wants everything turned in the first week of August so if things don't come together this weekend, I will be starting to panic...

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