Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Face!

Here I am with my sister, Halloween 1980. My dad built the Rolo outfit for her. While it looked terrific, it was hard to walk in. I'm your basic lizard-faced alien. And this was 3 years before "V: The Series!"

What I'm wearing on my face is..THE FACE! Put out by Imagineering, this was a two-piece appliance made of some sort of foam called "flex-o-skin." It was designed by "noted Hollywood make-up artist" Barry R. Kroper who went from designing The Face to make-up artist on The Bold and the Beautiful to a ton of big budget stuff like Star Trek: Voyager, Starship Troopers, Alien: Resurrection, Hollow Man, Bubble Boy and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

And I still have it!!!

The front of the box. This one was called "The Space Face." There was also Vampire Face, Werewolf Face, Ape Face, Skull Face and Witch Face. The cool thing about it was that it was in two pieces - one fit over your face above your mouth and the other went on your chin. With some black make-up you could then move your mouth, talk, eat, etc. Hood not included.

Lots of interesting stuff on the back of the box. The Face came with the 2 foam pieces on a plastic face shape, a little kit of grease make-up, a make-up brush, an instruction booklet (which I do not have any longer - lost in the sands of time) and a small sheet of 48 little sticker squares.

Now, I noticed 2 things here. There was a printed silver bar over an illustration of an eyeliner pencil, right above the illustration of a brush. I can only assume that some kid poked his eye out, so Imagineering just stopped including the pencil and printed over the drawing so they could still use the same boxes.

Ditto for the 48 sticker squares drawing - it was itself a sticker. Curious, I managed to peel off about half of it to find an illustration of a round container of "sticky goop" which must've been like spirit gum. Again, someone probably ate it or something so they put in lame stickers instead but now could still use the same boxes!

I remember using masking tape to help hold that thing on. As you face would sweat in the mask, the stickers and tape would not hold too well. But it still was way cool!

And here is THE FACE today!!! Hmmm.....maybe I'll put it on this Halloween.....


Erick said...

That's cool. I had the Skull Face. It made a great Grim Reaper.

Anonymous said...

Coming in WAY late on this, but I had the "Space Face" kit myself way back when, but mine must've been the earlier version of the kit, because I distinctly remember the "sticky goop". It wasn't like spirit gum, though -- it was actually somewhat similar to the glue in a glue stick. As I recall, it didn't work terribly well; this might be why they went with the stickers later.

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