Friday, October 24, 2008

Frankenstein and Son

It was 1978 and I'd just moved all the way across the country from New Jersey over the summer. Here I am with my friend Tom. My dad is in the background with his Frankenstein's monster mask and I am on the right with my own Frankenstein's monster mask. I'm not making a gang sign - just showing off my "missing finger" and bloody hand!


John Rozum said...

I had that same paper thin Frankenstein mask, and managed to prerve it for many years. Eventually ruber rot set in and it ended up taking its final bow as the face of a slime covered corpse in a super 8 movie a friend and I never finished in high school.

Dr. Squid said...

That is the awesome thing about the internet - finding out some like-minded soul somewhere had the same paper thin Frankenstein mask as me! And mine started drying up until pieces fell off and I finally had to throw it away.

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