Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mr. Monkey Business

It was 1976 and I had been inspired by an illustration in Highlights magazine. It was some Halloween story and there were a group of kids trick or treating and one of them had a suit and monkey mask on. I immediately thought, "Mr. Monkey Business!"

We bought a Planet of the Apes costume for the mask. I wore my dad's suit jacket as well as his shoes (mine were inside of them, held in place by newspapers stuffed inbetween)! With a pair of gloves and a snazzy pink pattern tie, I was ready to go!

My sister went as a nurse. In this shot she's checking her watch while taking an imaginary person's pulse!

The pumpkin-headed dummy on the left had a line of twine tied around one wrist - the twine went up to my second-floor bedroom window. You can kind of see it in the right hand side of the window. Before and after I trick or treated, I would peek over my windowsill and wait for unsuspecting kids to come to the door and then would pull the twine to make the arm move up and down. Boy howdy did I scare some kids! Talk about monkey business!

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