Thursday, October 30, 2008

Monster Bash!

Believe it or not - this was my 10th birthday - my best birthday party ever! Yes - it was a MONSTER PARTY!!!

Even though it was in June, everyone had to come in costume. And this photo is before everyone even showed up!

My dad designed the invitations and we even tried baking them in the oven for a bit to make them seem like old damaged parchment paper.

Here's the birthday boy, as Dracula (fangs removed for eating!), next to the menu, which reads:

Menu for the Ghoul Gourmet
Appetizer - Carrot and Celery Fingers
Salad - Harry's Brain Salad
Entre'e De Graveyard - Hand Sandwiches with Bone Chips
Beverage - A Glass of Blood (no charge for refills and transfusions)
Desserts - Coffin Cake and Tombstone Cookies

Harry's brain salad - a jell-o brain made in a homemade brain mold created by my Dad. He took a plastic fireman's helmet and flipped it over as a bowl and stuck brainy squiggles made out of clay all over the inside. Then some sort of plastic bag or plastic wrap was laid in and then the jell-o was added. Pretty sweet!

Notice that not everything could be monster-themed in June: Family Circus paper plates!

My sister shows off a "hand sandwich," which were just peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut into the shape of a hand.

Here is the coffin cake - complete with a plastic skull from a toy skeleton I had.

I made the "Pin the Fang on the Thing" board myself.

"Catch the Critters" consisted of my Dad throwing shelled peanuts in the air and us kids trying to catch them in brown paper lunch bags.

This was "Don't Step on the Monster" or something like that. Music would play and you had to walk in a circle, going over a monster face I'd drawn. If you were standing on the monster face when the music stopped, you were out.

I don't know if this had a monster-themed name, but it was a good old fashioned tug of war. Boy did we love this!

After all the planned games were over, cake was consumed and presents opened, the monsters waged an impromptu Battle Royale on the front lawn. It was awesome! Here we see the Werewolf holding Dracula down so the Sea Creature could chop his head off while the Devil and the Mummy look on. Wow!

I can't thank my parents enough for going all out for this crazy party for their 10-year-old son and his monster obsession!!!


Erick said...

That's an awesome birthday party!

Todd Franklin said...

Best Birthday party ever!

Rob said...

Definitely the best ever - too bad I didn't meet you until the next year. Maybe we can plan something like that for our kids someday.

YoSisKath said...

As someone who was lucky enough to attend, it was SO awesome even a 6 1/2 yr old girl thought so!

I liked the prize for best costume too-- a rubber bloody hand/wrist, which the sea monster (aka Chris) deservedly won.

Happy Halloween, Bro Joe-- your favorite holiday! Lucy & I will be handing out candy to prob 100+ kids! See you tomorrow... K xoxo

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